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Euronaval 2012 by SITTA

Despite a difficult economic environment in Europe, 2012 edition of the show has attracted nearly 370 exhibitors representing 33 countries and visitors from around the world. A presentation of the Navy buildings was also conducted on Monday, October 22 site Toulon naval base, presentation attended by nearly 200 people. Several conferences and dynamic presentations drone submarines have also hosted this edition.

Many leading industrial naval sector were represented at the show, including a strong industrial participation Russian, Italian and German.


AGAT-CONCERN. Russian company specializing in the development of combat systems (CMS), electronic equipment (radars, fire control), cruise missiles and their associated delivery systems, presented its stand on missile systems antiship / land anti-CLUB-CLUB-K and M:
-         CLUB-K  : This version offers system integration CLUB missile type 3М-54ТE, 3М 54ТE1- and -3М 14ТE in a commercial container 40 feet, but also the integration of subsonic missile KH-35UE URAN in one 20 feet container. Easily concealable and transportable, the CLUB-K (in both versions) is a particularly formidable weapon and deterrent. Version KH-35 system CLUB-K has been successfully tested in August. According to company officials AGAT, the version with 40-foot container missiles 3M-54TE/TE1/14TE have also recently been tested with success;
-         CLUB-M  : This is the mobile version coastal battery system CLUB . The TEL ( Transporter Erector Launcher ), with a maximum capacity of six missiles, are associated with radar and command vehicle.
Systems CLUB-K and M-CLUB , based missile employees are able to neutralize surface ships and ground targets up to a distance of 300 kilometers. The system CLUB (M / N / O / U / K) is currently the technological showcase the Russian missile industry.


ARESA . Based in Barcelona, ​​the company specializes in ARESA production RHIB, stars and fast patrol boats of 7-50 meters. Mainly focused on the African market (the Spanish group generates 70% of its exports to Africa, 20% to Latin America and 10% to the Persian Gulf), ARESA recently won several contracts for the delivery of speedboats ( range from 12 to 32 meters) to the states of West Africa: Angola, Nigeria and Cameroon in particular. Lightly armed, fast, with water jet propulsion / diesel inboard or outboard (depending on customer's choice), these units are particularly suitable for enhancing coastal protection, anti-piracy fight against asymmetric threats. Wishing sustain its presence in South America, ARESA will soon be represented at the fair EXPONAVAL Valparaiso (Chile) from 4 to 7 December next.

BLACK SNAKE. premiere of the linear array towed BLACK SNAKE . This ALR (Linear Antenna Towed) proposed by WASS / Finmeccanica is a real novelty, the technology used on the one hand, and future holders of this small antenna on the other. Currently undergoing sea trials, the ALR is for surface ships small and medium tonnage. The section includes acoustic channels scanned, composed of a single hydrophone. The particularity of the channel formation and associated processing allows, despite limited channel spacing to obtain a wide range of working frequencies. Another feature, the azimuth ambiguity resolution overcomes maneuver the carrier, despite the composition mono hydrophone antenna. This feat, according to the manufacturer, is the result of a system of government positioned on the hauling rope which, with slight oscillations causes after treatment of information, almost instantaneous ambiguity resolution targets. This antenna is optimized for torpedo alert. Settings, can be modified depending on the threat of the dual screen console, are given by default associated with an automatic warning torpedo. The console also manages, in the absence of an integrated combat system on the carrier, the implementation of measures against the introduction of self-defense weapons, such as the Black Shark, and also lightweight torpedo Flash Black , used in this case as anti-torpedo torpedo. An additional section is also active optional, allowing a warship to have a real ability to fight anti-submarine complementary.

BAE SYSTEMS . At its booth, BAE had a rare new in this 2012 edition of EURONAVAL with the model of the future frigate TYPE 26 , just weeks after recovery design by UK firms. Major program for the Royal Navy, who hopes the delivery of 13 units in the coming decades, TYPE 26 frigates are designed to replace in the coming years frigates TYPE 23 and become the backbone of the British navy. If all the weapons and equipment to equip the platform is not yet finalized (including anti-submarine warfare), cutting the first sheet (first unit) should occur during the year 2013.


DAEWOO-DSME. On its stand, the South Korean automaker offered its new concept of multi-mission frigate of 3000 tons (DW 3000). With a length of 114 meters, the platform has a weapon so with eight anti-ship missiles, a 76 mm turret, an eight-cell VLS (on the beach-front) for the implementation probable missile surface- air, two pieces of 30 mm, a CIWS type PHALANX and six torpedo tubes 324 mm.Multipurpose frigate type DW 3000 also has a helicopter platform and hangar. Already presented at the exhibition "  Defense & Security 2012  "in Bangkok, this new platform could be selected shortly by the Thai navy in the modernization of its naval forces.

DSME finally presented the model of the oil-tanker type March ( Military Afloat Reach & Sustainability - tanker ) project recently awarded by Great Britain for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary (four copies).


FINCANTIERI. The Italian manufacturer had moved in force for the 23 th edition of EURONAVAL with an impressive stand, showcase technology for shipbuilding Alps. Among the many platforms exposed (projects in progress or under study), it should be noted:
- The destroyer type AEGIS FINCANTIERI presented a concept of building AEGIS, whose platform is derived from the Italian frigates FREMM type (class CARLO BERGAMINI ). Designed to be integrated into the Aegis air defense system, not only for target detection but also for their interception (integration of missiles SM-3 to Block IIA-a-minima would be expected in a VLS located on the front of the building) this platform could be offered to Western navies wishing to access the same capabilities as the U.S. and Japanese navies;
- The LHD type BDSL (Landing Building and Logistic Support) chosen by the Algerian navy and placing on blocks began in January at the shipyard in Riva Trigoso, the future major building of the Algerian navy should be water in 2013 for delivery in 2014. Derived type units SAN GIORGIO SAN / GIUSTO , the building of a displacement of about 9000 tons is a concentrate of technology with the integration of 3D surveillance radar AIR EMPAR and anti-aircraft missiles ASTER-15  ;
- The missile corvette ABU DHABI , UAE built for the Navy, and whose admission to active duty should take place in 2013.


MECTRON. Brazilian society Mectron benefited from Euronaval to introduce the missile MAR-1 . It is an air-to-ground anti-radar that can neutralize both the fixed radar ground-mobile air batteries. The missile, which had been growing in favor of the Brazilian Air Force, has entered into service in the Pakistani Air Force team where hunters Mirage . Mectron offers several types of integrations of the missile. Or in combination with the avionics of the aircraft, through a bus MIL-STD-1553 , or 1760, or with an independent control system and installed in the cockpit. This solution allows to reduce greatly the cost of integration. Mectron , a newcomer to the market, offers an interesting alternative to antiradars U.S. missiles AGM-88 and Russian Kh-31P.


MKU . Located in nearly 90 countries worldwide, the company specializes in the MKU individual fighter protection (bullet-proof vests, helmets) and protection of aerial platforms, naval and land systems (additional screening). On the occasion of EURONAVAL 2012, MKU presented a sample of its synthetic shielding materials to protect naval units against direct fire of small arms and shrapnel. The shielding provided by MKU can be used to strengthen the walls of sensitive areas of a building surface (gateway, operations, central, silos missiles, ammunition bunkers, etc.).. For example, the Singapore company Suncraft chose to trust MKU for the protection of its aluminum fast patrol boats (like the patrol MANTA ASD ).

OSK . On the occasion of the 23 th edition of EURONAVAL the Russian naval defense industry was strongly represented through the OSK, representing nearly a dozen shipyards and design offices. Many platforms, surface or underwater (for some platforms already widely "tested" in the image of the submarine type KILO ) were represented on the stand. Among the programs / projects should be retained:
- Submarines Kilo (Project 636M): two major contracts are currently underway. The first, the Vietnamese Navy, with delivery in Hanoi six units (the first unit was launch recently at the site of North St. Petersburg), the second for the Russian Navy with the construction of three units for the Russian Black Sea Fleet;
- Submarines LADA / AMUR (Project 950/1650): despite recent statements from the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the termination of the program due to difficulties on the first unit (the submarine St. Petersburg), the Russian shipyard announced the resolution of the problems (the propulsion) and the continuation of the program with the continued construction of the second and third units. The implementation of this program is of major importance for the Russian shipbuilding industry, submarinesAMUR should eventually replace KILO in the context of export contracts;
- Corvettes STEREGUSHCHIY / TIGR ( Projects 20380-20385/20382 ) model of the corvetteSTEREGUSHCHIY (configuration URAN-E missiles and 9M-96/9M-100 the configuration-Russian corvettes Soobrazitelnyy and Boikiy -) was presented on Russian stand. The realization of these units for the Russian navy is ongoing. The corvette Boikiy, which recently started its trials in the Baltic Sea should be admitted to active duty by the end of 2012. If OSK did not materialize for the time of export contract for this platform, delivering two units to the Algerian navy (export version: TIGR ) is currently still under discussion by Russian industrialists;
- Frigate Admiral Gorshkov (Project 22350/22356)  : setting shims in February 2006, the unit seededAdmiral Gorshkov is expected to start its first test at the dock during the month of November. The OSK presented on the occasion of the version proposed EURONAVAL Export: Project 22356.


ROTINOR . The German company offers ROTINOR three years now both jets "submersible" type Divejet 414 and 730 Black Shadow . Widely distributed, especially in Asia, both powered by water jet machines are fully electric. Autonomy announced is of the order of 400 minutes (about 6 hours) for Model 414-700 minutes (about 11h) for the model 730. These devices are both equipped with lithium-ion batteries and the model 730, a high frequency sonar obstacle avoidance. A quiet acoustic point of view, these devices also have particularly low magnetic signature, making them difficult interceptable by means magnetic and acoustic current. To date, would not Rotinor new project, the current reputation of these two products is sufficient to itself, according to its director.

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