Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The No. 2 Pentagon Patriot inspects the Syrian-Turkish border

During his first official visit to Ankara, the number two at the Pentagon, Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter spent the day with Turkish officials of the defense, and he then went southeast of Gaziantep near the Syrian border to inspect one of two Patriot missile batteries that are U.S. Border Syrian-Turkish.

But before meeting with Turkish leaders, the number two defense in the United States was stopped at the U.S. Embassy on Atatürk Boulevard, where Friday 1st February, a suicide attack against a checkpoint on the perimeter the embassy, ​​killed Mustafa Akarsu a guard in his forties, father of two teenagers.

At the embassy, ​​Monday, February 4, Ambassador Frank Ricciardone ordered the American flag be flown at half mast until sunset Wednesday, February 6, and hours of work and staff at the embassy were temporarily reduced .

Members of the Embassy staff working today to welcome the Deputy Secretary of Defense, observed a minute of silence at 13:13 one minute, hour Ankara, exactly 72 hours after the explosion of the bomb. The explosion blew out the windows on Friday checkpoints, throwing shards of glass and debris, killing and injuring several people who tried Akarsu Mustafa tried to save the lives of his colleagues and friends.

Carter met with Ambassador this morning and visited the site of the explosion. He then met with colleagues Akarsu strength local protective guards and seven Marine Corps to protect the embassy. He also met - in person and by telephone and digital videoconferencing - about 45 staff members of diplomatic missions in Ankara, Istanbul and the American Consulate in the city of Adana, as well as staff members of the airbase American Incirlik.

In the afternoon Ashton Carter met with Turkish officials defense.

The Ministry of National Defence, he and Secretary Turkish Industry, Murad Bayar, Industries discussed three major programs US-Turkish Defence purchase States.

Later, during a meeting on U.S. Undersecretary, Turkish Minister of Defense Ismet Yilmaz said: "This unfortunate incident [involving the death of Mustafa Akarsu] again showed that the new [era ] is an era in which cooperation between countries has become more important than ever, "adding:" The fight against terrorism is important and calls for continued cooperation. "

Tonight, after leaving Turkey, Carter will travel to Amman, Jordan, where he will meet with the staff of the U.S. embassy and government leaders and defense. It will also have lunch with the troops to thank them for their service to the nation.

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